A game of beautiful madness.

We all grow up on fairy tales. Our first exposure to them these days is often in a somewhat light-hearted, “child-friendly” form. The good fairies bless the heroes so they can overcome their challenges, and the wicked fairies’ curses ultimately come to naught. Everyone lives happily ever after.

But as we start to find the older fairy tales in their original form, things turn out differently. Blood and sex creep into the tales. People come to bad ends. These stories were
told to children not to comfort them as they fell asleep, but as cautionary tales. Warnings not to stray too far from home. Not to go into the dark woods. Not to wander down the road at night. Stay at home, be good, mind your manners… or something bad will happen to you. The Good
Folk might come and take you away.

Changeling: The Lost is a game about what happens when these old stories prove true. The Others do come and take people away, keeping them as slaves in a fairyland that’s as much nightmare as dream. Severed from the mortal world, these abducted humans gradually become more and more like their captors, losing themselves in their new lives. But some of these captives remember who they are, and try to escape back to the place they were born. Changed in form and feature, scarred by their durance, some of them even make it back.

Changelings of Boise

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